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My Review of the Film “Cocktail” 1988

Tom Cruise, king of the hot shots, straight off of the big budget success Top Gun, brings this exciting performance.

Cocktail is a story of a young man with much energy, passion and ambition, but not much experience or a plan on whith what to do with it. Sound familiar? It’s the Tom Cruise formula for a successful career Act 3.
Given that Act 1 was Risky Business and Act 2 was Top Gun & Days of Thunder.

This movie serves up a mighty fine glass of wine, Filled with 80’s glory and nostalgia that delivers it to you in style, on a shiny silver platter.

Tom is a joy to watch and get a kick out of. His antics and outbursts are classic and unforgettable. You can really see that Irish temper getting the best of him. So what is it that makes him such a ladies man? His good looks? , his charisma?, certainly not his luck. For a second you’re asking yourself am I talking about Tom or his character. Why not both?

This movie does a good job of showing how you can only get so far on charm and good intention, and how ambition gets in the way of everything.

Tom’s character Flannigan seems to have it all, but of course he wants more. Brash, a bit cocky and an impulsive decision maker, things quickly go wrong for him, and he gets caught up in a world of turmoil, struggling for peace, and to get his slice of the financial pie.

They say he makes one hell of a bartender, but he never intended to be, instead he would gladly trade his tumbler and strainer for a briefcase and a tie, as an exec on Wall Street, yet opportunity hasn’t exactly come knocking.

The movie licenses a lot of popular music for its transitions which lends a very playful side to break up all the drama, but I’m not sure it’s not just being trendy.

Main Character, Flannigan is constantly trying to establish himself and seeking wisdom and opportunity but the only advice he gets it’s from his boss / partner played by Bryan Brown. The man thinks he knows it all and lives by his own code of conducted, which he constantly brags about, that and his only real talent of being able to read between the lines. together when all else fails they try to come up with a get rich quick scheme, that puts them both at odds with each other, but they keep coming back for another round of tag team.

The comradely between these two is a lot of what drives this movie as their relationship takes many twists and turns. From being Boss and employee, to best buddies, to business partners, business rivals, and finally they have become like brothers, reflecting on their misfortunes.

I really liked this movie for all its worth it has strong, drama and romance, it teaches you lessons, and delivers impactful acting. Elisabeth Shue delivers another top level performance, and Gina Gershon has an interesting spot as well.

Cocktail is a movie about dreamers and schemers but one with a lot of heart and a good story to tell.
Even though it tastes sour at times it’s as refreshing and delightful as the perfect blend of liquor and lime, on a tropical summer evening by the beach.

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