Paul Giamatti as Paul Giamatti, I knew it would be interesting, but I felt a little unfulfilled in the actual engagement I felt in the film. The actor himself evoked a very impassioned and at points comedic performance, but at times(as in the culmination of the plot) I think that the story starts to liquefy and loose it’s trajectory.

The movie is basically about Paul Giamatti, believing that his soul is bogging him down, effecting his acting, and sort of pulling at his being. His feels a lot of tension in his chest and the whole thing is effecting his acting and his life. What is the fix for his pejorative slant: well, he hears of a doctor who does soul storage, basically removing the soul and placing it in its own personal locker, relegating it to safekeeping and allowing the person to continue his life, unburdened from the stresses of the soul. After the actual soul removal, Paul feels fine and feels nothing, his wife even says that his skin feels different. After creating an aversion to being soulless he wants his soul back, the good doctor suggests that he try a donors soul; the donors are anonymous people who sell their souls to the company. There happens to be a wide assortment of souls to choose from ranging from poets to dancers and the whole spectrum of professions. The only thing about taking on the soul of another individual is that you dream there dreams, feel there anxieties…

Eventually Paul just wants his soul back. so he goes to his locker to retrieve his soul, but oops, it’s gone!….

This movie started off sort of like a deadpan comedy and then lapsed into  a sort of intellectual verbosity; the verbosity came at the end where we are barraged with images, but we loose track of what is going on. The movie sort of leaves us hanging so to speak. There was a scarce crowd in the theatre that I went to and the guy sitting in front of me threw his hands up at the end, as if to say, what was that?

I would say most people will stay interested for the first hour and then the interest will start to wane.