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Paranormal Activity

I can not agree with popular votes on this mess of a movie. Hate me if you want, but there was nothing redeeming about Paranormal Activity until the end. I prefer to watch the TV show Ghost Hunters than to see this movie again. Sitting and watching this movie was the same as taking a massive sleeping pill. I would never recommend Paranormal Activity to anyone.

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  1. A bold statement my fellow friend. But I ask you this. Would you say the same thing to the actors/director? They made the movie virtually without money, and yet I read over and over reviewers (such as your self) degrading the movie. By all means you are entitled to your opinion and I agree that is was in no way a superb movie, however, I will stand to say that Micah and Katie did more then a decent job acting. I wouldn’t mind you being specific on how it was a mess of a movie. To add, I enjoyed it in a packed theater. Is that not what its about? (Have also seen the original)

  2. I can see where there is a little room for debate, I too was in a packed theater watching this film and I believe that it did seem to drag on and on. Despite the budget for this film I feel there could have been a little more…….paranormal activity??? I am going to have to say the actors did a passing job on the film, however the hype that was put out did not follow suit when all was said and done, It is one of those movies where you can say it wasnt good……but you still leave the light on when you go to bed.

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