The Rocker, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 102 min. – Directed by: Peter Cattaneo – Starring: Rainn Wilson, Christina Applegate, Teddy Geiger)

Peter Cattaneo directs the throwback to the 80’s rock, The Rocker. Rainn Wilson stars in this rocked out comedy that’ll have you banging your head while you root for his comeback.

The Rocker himself is Robert Fishman, played by Rainn Wilson. The story is about an 80’s drummer who is given a second chance at fame after being kicked out of the hair band Vesuvius in exchange for their shot at fame.

“Fish” has given up all hope and begins living life with constant reminders of what would’ve been.

Until,¬†twenty years later, he hears that his nephew’s high school rock band A.D.D. is looking for a little help in the drum department. With some doubts and deliberation (and some begging) they decide to make him the bands new drummer.

Now, with a second chance to reclaim his rock throne, Fish, is going to take his new band to the top and if he gets the chance he’s gonna rip the faces off his old Vesuvious band mates all while showing them who the real rocker is.

Funny and entertaining! The Rocker is a cool story that touches that hope for a second shot in us all.

Rainn Wilson is hilarious. This role is so perfect for him that you can tell it wasn’t much of a stretch for him to really get into character and that makes him really good!

The Rocker is a big time recommend to the under thirty at heart crowd. (But who are probably closer to the forty-ish crowd.) Either way it’s a good movie and you should take 102 minutes and check this one out!