London Dreams

Arjun (Ajay) and Manu (Salman) are childhood buddies living in a Punjab village. Arjun passionately loves music and dreams of becoming a musical sensation like Michael Jackson and perform at London’s Wembley Stadium but his family hates music as it was the reason for his grand father’s death. But as after his father’s death, Arjun’s uncle (Om Puri) brings him along with him to London, he runs away to pursue his dream. Mannu grows up in the village turning out to be a good for nothing bloke who makes money by playing his band at marriage ceremonies. Meanwhile Arjun chases his dream and forms a band with two Pakistani brothers (VJ’s Aditya and Ranvijay) and Priya (Asin). When he realizes he is getting attracted to Priya he decides to hide his feelings and focus on music and only reveal to them when he fulfills his dream. He gets Mannu to London to join his band. But that he realizes turns out to be his biggest mistake. The naturally talented Mannu scores over Arjun in every department unintentionally and goes on to become a bigger sensation that a dedicated and hardworking Arjun. Jealousy starts creeping in for Arjun but the final nail in the coffin comes when he sees even Priya falling in love with Mannu. What sinister plan Arjun throws on an unsuspecting Mannuto destroy his musical career and what it all leads to forms the rest of the film.All in all the movie has turned out to be pretty good. Much better than expected. Final Review – 4.75 Star 

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