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9, Not For Children, or Anyone for That Matter.

Picture your sewing equipment fusing together to make a rag-doll fighting dream team that goes up against an enemy that resembles the Transformers mixed with a little Air Bud and Jurassic Park. Sound too freaky? It is. 9, the number two movie in the box-office and the latest post-apocalyptic animation with a rocking sound track, was a waste of my $8.50 and my time. I walked into this animated adventure expecting a cool end-of-the-world flick, but instead I got a children’s movie with a failed storyline and horrible dialogue. If it weren’t for the breathtaking CG effects and the few neck-breaking action scenes, this movie would have been an epic failure.

The movie revolves around nine dolls created during a time when machines are destroying humanity. The man who creates them imparts a piece of his soul to each one, giving them the chance to stop the machines from completely wiping out civilization. When I first read this overview of the movie, I thought it sounded pretty amazing, but once the movie actually started picking up, I began to realize I didn’t care about the characters whatsoever. Not until the very end of the movie did Burton actually tell the viewer what the purpose of the dolls really was, and so it was difficult to connect with the characters. I still can’t understand why Tim Burton placed his name on the poster of this “post-apocalyptic nightmare,” literally.

When the climax of the film finally arrived, I was dumbfounded. The entire storyline is filled with holes, ambiguity, and left no “final” closure for the story. It was like a chef giving its customers the ingredients and telling them to make their own food. I’m not saying I have to have a happy ending for every movie, but I would like to see some kind of closing for the characters. Overall, the film was a drag to watch, and the underdeveloped plot drove me crazy. The few cliché action scenes and remarkable animation saved this film; I give it a C-.

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