“That was the scariest movie I have ever seen.” This might be what you hear routinely as you walk out of a theater after seeing any scary movie. But, trust me, Paranormal Activity is truly the scariest movie I have ever seen. There are no buts to it; everything about this low-budget, mockumentary film terrified the crap out of me, and possibly everyone else in the theater. The film takes place through late September to mid October, in a couple’s house that has been experiencing strange events and wants to try to capture it on tape. Most of the scenes being at night with the camera set up on a tripod aiming at the couple’s bed. The movie revolves around Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston, a couple that has just moved in together in a nice, suburban house in San Diego.  The couple has been experiencing creepy things happening at night as they sleep (or try to), so Micah decides to spring for an expensive camera and some software to interpret the film. The movie starts out a bit slowly but after Micah, against Katie’s wishes, attempts to contact the spiritual nuisance using a Ouija board, the paranormal activity starts to crank up and things really start to go bump in the night.

            Many people will skip out on this film because of the shaky camera effect necessary to portray a home video feel. The shaky cam has been used in many horror films today like Quarantine, Cloverfield, and The Blair Witch Project. But none of those movies prevail as much as Paranormal Activity did with its “shaky cam” not letting the audience get too dizzy. With most of the film having the camera set up on a tripod, the few people who do get dizzy with the shaky cam wont get too affected. The movie is truly scary because with its amazing actors; I was almost convinced that the movie was real. Trust me, please, don’t not got see this movie just because you didn’t like Cloverfield or The Blair Witch Project. Those movies only have the shaky cam in common. Paranormal Activity surpasses any horror/ghost films that have been released within the last ten years, no scratch that, twenty years. This film is truly scary and will not disappoint. Many, many top-notch critics are giving it good reviews and many, many people are still having trouble sleeping even a week after seeing the film. If it hadn’t been for the slow start, this movie would have been perfect. The last 15-minutes of this movie was possibly one of the best endings for a horror movie I have ever seen. I give this superb horror film an A.