Surrogates, a film by Jonathan Mostow, is set somewhere in the future when people use surrogates to go about their everyday lives while they stay in the safety of their own homes. The stars in this film are Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell and Rosamund Pike.

Life in the future has become very easy. Most everyone uses a surrogate, which is a highly advanced robot, to do everything. They use them for everything; going to work, socializing, and even just when they are hanging around their homes. Most of the evils in the world have begun to drop. Crime, violence, fear and pain are mostly a thing of the past. Surrogates have fixed the major problems in the world. When the first murder in years occurs, FBI agent Tom Greer sets out to find out who committed the crime. What he doesn’t know is that he is about to uncover a major conspiracy involving surrogates. This case forces agent Greer to leave his surrogate behind and face the world head on. As he digs deeper and deeper into the case, agent Greer doesn’t know who he can trust :eaving him to go it alone to find the killer.

While the movie in it self is a decent movie, there were parts of this that left me feeling like they could have done more. While some people draw a comparison of this movie to I-Robot, I really don’t see a correlation. The surrogates replace humans while in I Robot they are along side them. I just don’t see the relation. Either way, there could have been a lot more back story given about surrogates. More so than the time allotted during the opening credits. So they rose to prominence but how o they work and how are they operated? Not much was shown of this. I guess maybe it was to show that they were so integrated into the lifestyle of everyone it just wasn’t questioned any more. Like today, no one really questions how a computer works, they just use them and don’t really appreciate the modern marvel they are using every day. None the less, in this movie I feel we should have had more background.

The story on it’s own is a very good one. Someone is killing people and we really don’t know why or even how they are doing it. The movie leaves alot of questions to be answered only toward the end. The more a movie makes me guess the better it is and this one made me guess about three times so it was decent. I don’t think that this was one of Bruce Willis’s strongest performances, but he has been known to take on roles in different movies. Case in point, Color of Night… Nuf said. Lucky Number Slevin…. Now THAT was a Bruce Willis movie. Surrogates… Not so much.

While Bruce Willis was ok in this film overall the movie was good. I give it a three star rating and would recomend this to both Sci Fi fans as well as suspense or mystery fans. The later will just have to put up with all the sci fi stuff. Jump into your cockpit and take your surrogate out to the movies and watch this show. It’s a good one.

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