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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One, a Mr. E Movie Review

Breaking Dawn? It’s more like Breaking Bella, in half!When they announced ticket sales for the midnight showing of the latest installment of the uber-popular Twilight series I, as a film critic, felt ambivalent. Was it really going to be worth the hassle to take in this chapter at such a hyped event? The simple answer is yes. Actually, it might have even helped itself to seem more grandiose now that I sit here writing my take on the Edward vs. Jacob drama.

This time we begin with the wedding of the millennia. The one all the Twi-hards have been waiting for, may I introduce Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen. As I sat there in the dark I heard it all. One girl whispered she was going to Tweet about Bella’s shoes while a row of mom’s appeared to be crying.

From the nightmare before the wedding to the comical toasts after it I have to agree with the Facebook posts that say it lived up to fan expectations. While the honeymoon was a nice departure from the teenie-bopper into the adult I found it interesting that a vampire could kill a human woman if they had intercourse. (I guess they’d literally break them? Is that the hidden meaning behind the title? If so, why are they calling Bella’s lady part’s Dawn? I digress.)

The unexpected a previously believed to be impossible impregnation of Bella sets the storyline for the second half of the picture. As the baby literally cost Bella not only her dreamy looks but sucks her dry from the inside out.

All while the coming conversion of Bella and new baby-vamp-to-be have upset the wolves. And we all know we can’t have pouty pups. So their threat on both Bella and the baby’s existence has consequences within the tribe.Even though I’ve enjoyed all the Twilight films, even New Moon, this was one of the better films in the series. The anticipation might’ve added to it, the crowd and discussions definitely did, but the truth boils down to the fact that we know and love these characters and as long as they don’t go off the deep end we’re believers.

Horror fanatics may crucify me for the all-positive review of such sparkly walkers of the night but it is what it is, and this was great. I’m giving Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One five out of five stars. (Don’t stake me.)

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  1. I went to see Breaking dawn part 1 in cinema on the midnight showing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and only found one bit cringe-worthy, which was when the wolves began talking to each other, it seemed too fake, but apart from that didn’t see any problems with the movie.

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