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Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

A ‘Kiran Bernard Kutinha’  review 

“What you don’t see will kill you”.

Wrong Turn 3-Left for dead, the third entry in the Wrong Turn franchise leaves you thinking what made you  make up your mind to catch this one? Was it the interesting plot of the previous two or you wanted to be present for its curtain call with a premonition this one is headed down hill.

Directed by Declan O’Brien starring Tom Frederic as Nate the Corrections Officer, Janet Montgomery as Alex  ,Tamer Hassan as Chavez the high profile convict and a couple of more actors put together makes it a very weak ensemble, acting it out in the woods, after sunset falling prey to the horribly disfigured cannibalistic mountain men.

The story begins when two couples on a river rafting expedite decide to camp for the night ; are attacked and slaughtered by the very same mutants that brought life to the Wrong Turn series, except for Alex who makes a slip. The story then shifts to a correctional facility where Nate the officer is appointed to carry out the transfer, of a couple of high profile prisoners through the very same woods where these cannibalistic men reside. This unattended route has been chosen for the transfer for the only reason that there is suspicion of a break away escape through the normal route. With an undercover cop thrown in along with the convicts to get inside information of the escape plan, the bus carrying the convicts along with the corrections officers departs only to be attacked by these disfigured cannibalistic men. This in turn haywires the convicts plans and places them all in a situation where in the first place they have to survive the cannibalistic attack and second they have to escape the cops before dawn.

After the enjoyable first and second part of the Wrong Turn series with lots of blood, gore and ruthless killing, this movie is no exception only for the fact that the execution, of what could have been a pretty good story, was a complete turn off. Adding to poor execution comes poor acting which is evident in their very visible rehearsed performance along with unnecessary/mediocre dialogues.

The blood and gore scenes which gives a bit of thrill to this genre of movie lovers the movie also includes a couple of unnecessary topless nude scenes which was included only to quench the thirst of the front benchers at the theatre. Adding to the long list of unnoticed or deliberate goof ups this film on the overall lacks neither suspense nor the thriller quotient that were present in the first two parts. At times it also makes you feel scenes have been ripped straight of other films likes “Hills Have Eyes” and in particular the impalement scene of “Cannibal Holocaust”.

The movie is very predictable except for the absolute fag end. I would suggest you give this one a miss and save your money for a dry day or just wait for the DVD to be out. Being a bit reasonable just for the sake of the effort put in along with the blood and gore my stand would be only a 2 out of 5 for this one.


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