Schwarzenegger and Belushi help to improve on Russian and American relations while getting Russia’s deadliest drug smuggler off the streets.

By: Michael “Mr. E” Esser


Reports that Russia’s deadliest drug smuggler was arrested in the Chicago area where confirmed. But after a daring escape that cost an unidentified number of lives, criminal Viktor Rostavili is once again at large within the United States borders.

Sources say that an International cooperation of agencies between Russia and the United States have been assembled. Senior Chicago Detective Art Ridzik has been assigned to teamed up with Russian Captain Ivan Danko to find and apprehend the escaped Rostavili.

Rostavili escaped to America after authorities tried to apprehend Rostavili in the Russian capitol of Moscow. During the attempted arrest Captain Ivan Danko’s partner lost his life. The Russian Government ,after getting reports of Rostavili arrest in America, sent Captain Danko personally to escort the extremely dangerous criminal back to Russia.

In an ironic turn of events during Rostavili’s brazen escape from the Chicago Police Headquarters Detective Art Ridzik partner Detective Gallagher was also killed in the line of fire.

Working together towards a common goal, Detective Art Ridzik and Captain Ivan Danko have discovered a common connection between Rostavili and an American crime ring. Dubbed by Detective Ridzik as the “Clean Heads” this crime syndicate is responsible for drug trafficking and murder. They are suspected of working together to traffic millions of dollars of cocaine into Russia.

A battle on the streets of Chicago has ensued that is sure to uncover a deeper truth than the public realizes. While the bond between two countries is strengthened with the blood and sweat of two of their own soldiers.

But, if you can’t wait for the headlines then check it all out in the 1988 action-packed, cop classic, Red Heat directed by Walter Hill and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi.

Source: The Las Vegas Movie Examiner: Michael “Mr. E” Esser