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The Woodsman (2004)

The woodsman. this is not you’r ordinary film, this is something special. The woodsman is like no other film I have seen in recent years and in my opinion the best movie I have seen this year. Directed by Nicole Kassell and starring Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Eve, Mos Def, David Allen Grier and Benjamin Bratt.

The forty-five year old Walter (Kevin Bacon) is fresh out of prison after twelve long years. Walter got a little nothing of an apartment, a good job at the local lumber yard and keeps to himself allot, that is until he meets a woman named Vicki (Kyra Sedgwick), who also works at the lumber yard with Walter. Vicki is a very outspoken type of girl and kind of a tomboy, she is the kind of woman that tells you exactly what is on her mind. Walter due to his parole has to talk to a shrink once a week. He doesn’t like to talk to the shrink most of the time. The shrink tries to help Walter deal with his dark past in a positive way, He asks Walter to keep a journal, Walter is reluctant at first but when he does start to write he writes about the things he see’s it start to effect him in a very helpful and destructive way all at the same time. Vicki and Walter start to “see” each other, But Vicki is very curious and wants to know Walters deep dark secret. After telling Walter her secret, Walter finally tells her. She is shocked to say the least, and Vicki is not the type of girl who gets shocked easily. Walter has one friend named Carl (Benjamin Bratt). Carl is Walter’s sister’s husband and Walter’s childhood friend. The two get to gether from time to timeand just talk. A stern yet caring man named Sergeant Lucas, (Mos Def) he checks up on Walter just to make sure Walter is not getting into any trouble and the dialogue between the two will leave you stunned. Everything is going good for Walter until a suspicious co-worker named Mary-Kay (Eve) does a little digging into Walter’s past and finds out the horrible truth about Walter, But she does not keep the information to herself, and this is where Walter’s life gets interesting and far more dark and disturbed to say the least.

Like i said before The Woodsman is the best movie I have seen in the recent year. Kevin Bacon give’s the performance of his life in this very dark story. All the actor’s in this film carry the whole movie, which is a good thing. This is very character based movie, so if you’re looking for fast paced action scenes and explosions, this movie is not for you, and it is not a bloody horror movie either, This is a drama. A drama like you never saw before. This is a film with actors giving the performence’s of their lives and believe me it shows in the final product. The director Nicole Kassell does an amazing job with every scene. The camera placement is perfect and quick flashed of the past gives this film an extremely real feeling. This is not a true story, but feels like one because of the subject matter that the movie is based on. It happens everyday in real life and that is very sad, this film will really make you think.

My recommendation for The Woodsman is BUY. Add this masterpiece to you’re DVD collection. But be warned this film is definitely not for children, the film has graphic language, nudity, sexual situations and very, very adult subjects go through out this dark film. I have never seen Kevin Bacon give an all out performance like I seen in this picture, this is not the Kevin Bacon we all love from Footloose. This is the Kevin Bacon that we have never seen before, and will probably never see again. Like I said before, you must watch this film, if not for yourself. Then for you’re children.

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