Dance of the Dead!!!

Prom night, a night teens look forward to all year long. Guys wanting to be prom king, girls wanting to be the coveted prom queen. In this small town (conveniently located near a nuclear power plant) things go awry on this prom night when the dead from a local graveyard spring to life in this horror/comedy.

This movie starts with looking into the lives of very different teens of Cosa High(preppy cheerleader, easy going jokester, redneck badass, over stressed class V.P., and the guys from the sci-fi club). It’s the night of prom and the usual things happen, dates get dumped for better guys or get sick and bail. The local sci-fi guys who obviously are dateless on this prom night decide to go to the local graveyard with their new gadget only to find the dead raising from the graves! Sci-fi guys make a fast getaway by getting picked up by Lindsey in Mitches car (poor, poor mitch). Jimmy comes across the emotion Kyle after a narrow escape of deliverying pizza to a house full of zombies. After the first Zombie slaying scene of the movie Jimmy, Kyle, and the dateless Gwen find themselves on the run. Hiding Jimmy gets  a call from his girl Lindsey and decides to go rescue his lovely lady from a house they are holed up in (and by house i mean cemetery home, “Oh wait but is it’s a cemetery home won’t there be dead people?”, settle down people and don’t be an asshole). Jimmy gets to the house and the team of unlikely cliques decides that the zombies will be going to prom…and they won’t be going for the punch. On the way to prom the “A” team runs into the over the top P.E. teacher and pick up some necessary zombie slaying weapons (you know the usual sledge, machete, C-4 all that good stuff). Will the teens get to prom in time to save the day? How many zombies lie in there path?

Casting was perfect for this movie. Every character was portrayed in the way that you can relate to from your high school experience. Sci-fi kid’s were nerdy as shit in different ways to make an epic nerd club. Over stressed class V.P. you could feel her stress emanating from her trying to get prom together from here jokester boyfriend. All the characters were very easy to relate to and get to know.Great, this movie was fucking awesome. A perfect date movie to watch with your significant other. Zombie slaying scenes made for an exciting watch. Then there was plentyyy of comic relief to keep you feeling good and jolly inside. The dialogue between the characters was great. Jules thinking he should be the leader just because he’s the president of the sci-fi club, classic little man syndrome.

I’ve seen alot of zombie films (like a shit ton) and this was one of the best i’ve seen in a long time. Finally a zombie film i didn’t feel like turning off half way through due to terribad fucking acting and effects. Some zombie films are just sad lately but this one definitely delivers.

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