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Passengers: The Best Movie of 2008

    A movie came out in 2008 that was not too popular. It was a film by Rodrigo Garcia, and stared Anne Hathaway. This movie was called Passengers, was rated PG-13, and had one of the best messages I have EVER seen in a movie. This was without a doubt the best movie I saw in 2008. Having good acting and a well written script, Passengers’ unpopularity really surprised me. Think of it this way. The best movies of 2008 besides this movie (such as Miracle at St. Anna or Gran Torino) weren’t even nominated. Think how good Passengers was if it wasn’t even recognized.A grief counselor is helping the victims of a plane crash, when they start to disappear. The whole plot was a significant moment. The love of the two main characters was also a strong moment. The twist was one of the best in the history of film, and the ending sequence was beautiful. The part that got me the best was also the best aspect of the film. Throughout the movie, Edward Shearmur provided the best soundtrack in the history of movies. The end of the movie included the track “End Titles” by him, which made me cry the first time I heard it from the pure beauty that it had. The whole movie was highlighted by the original score from the greatest artist of music in the film industry. The writing and direction especially gripped me. Rodrigo Garcia did very well with Ronnie Christensen’s original screenplay, and deserved to be rewarded for his great work on the film. I believe that they collaborated well, and the acting was also very well adapted into the roles of the people. Anne Hathaway takes another differing route in acting with a try-to-be-laid-back grief counselor who loves one of her clients. This film was so beautiful that I wish more people would have seen it. If I could, I would give this film 6 stars. I think that the collaboration of the music, writing, direction and acting may very well be in the near future for them all in another project.

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