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Interview with the Vampire (1994)

I am going to give you the choice I never had. Watch this movie or do not watch this movie. The choice is easy, this enchanting film is a must see. Arguably one of the best vampire movies of all time in my opinion. Interview with the Vampire is directed by Neil Jordan and has an all-star cast including, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Christan Slater, and the very young Kirsten Dunst. This film is the winner of many awards including, three MTV movie awards and five MTV nominees, the film won an oscar for best music. and many more.

 The film starts out in a very plain and unassuming room, where a “collector of lives” (Christian Slater) wants to interview a very casual looking man standing by the window, looking out. To the interviewers surprise the strange man tells him that he is in fact a vampire, after a startling moment. The man sits down and begins to tell the interviewer his life story. The beautiful tales starts back in 1791, Louis ( Brad Pitt) the twenty-four year old plantation master, just south of New Orleans, has lost his wife and child and also his will to live. Always inviting someone to release him from the pain of life, Louis invitation was open to anyone, but only one accepted, a vampire named Lestat ( Tom Cruise). Lestat gives Louis a choice that he never had. The choice to refuse his offer. Louis meets Lestat in a graveyard next to a swamp, the same graveyard where he buried his family. After a few words are spoken, Lestat lunges at Louis, drinks his blood then give’s him the choice, become a vampire or die. Louis accepts his offer, but being a vampire is not all that it’s cracked up to be, as Louis will soon find out. Now a newly born vampire, who still has a lingering remorse for humans. Louis does not want to take lives in order to survive, so he begins to feed on animals. Lestat on the other hand kills two maybe three a night. Lestat knows that this is the only way for a vampire to live comfortably, but Louis still refuse to kills humans for food and then starts to question where vampires all started, thinking Lestat has the answers he turns to him, but he does not have the answers and after a while this causes a rift in the shaky friendship. Louis and Lestat go to New Orleans to find a new home and some new cuisine to feed on. Louis still refuses to eat and now more depressed than ever at “the thing” he has become, Louis walks the rain soaked, black plague ridden streets. Wondering the meaning of it all, now he is more depressed than ever. But that all changes when Louis stumbles upon a little girl named Claudia ( Kirsten Dunst) who is crying, as he holds the innocent girl in his arms comforting her, Louis go’s against his will and cannot fight the hunger any longer, he feeds on her. Not knowing at the time, but this little girl will bring some giant consequences along with her.

This is a remarkable film. The actors are superb! Brad Pitt give’s the performance of his life, as does Kirsten Dunst, who portray Claudia with intensity and believability like I never seen before. The Music in the film is awe-inspiring. The costumes are spot on, for the time periods we see in the film. This movie was and still is the best vampire movie in my opinion, not to bloody, not to comical. This is the perfect in-between. This movie is very dramatic, and the screenplay writer Ann Rice perfectly translated  her book to the big screen. This is a movie you will never forget and this movie will never grow old. the special effects still look great to this day overall this is a can’t miss movie.

I very, very highly recommend this film to any vampire lover, and film lover. Love vampires or hate them, either way you will fall in love with this vampire masterpiece. This movie is not for children there is some graphic violents, and full body nudity. So put the kids to bed, make some popcorn and cover you’re necks, cause this movie leaves you no choice but to love it and love it you will i guarantee that.

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