Who watches the Watchmen? I watch the Watchmen, and can’t help but yell from the rooftops “see it!” while they whisper back “I already have.” Watchmen, Directed by Graphic Novel – to – movie adapter Zack Snyder (300), brings a vibrant and interesting look into the lives of former vigilante heroes, struggling to find out who killed the Comedian (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), one of their former colleagues in the fight of injustice.The film starts off with an awesome opening sequence. There are certain events in history that are portrayed and it shows how the heroes affected it. The first footage part of the movie is a final fight between The Comedian and his killer, whom ends up throwing the Comedian out of the window of his apartment. Rorschach (played by Jackie Earle Haley, who, by the way, does a phenomenal job), a friend to the Comedian steps into the vigilante act yet again to find out who killed his friend.One of the great parts of this movie was the fact that they were faithful to the Hugo Award winning graphic novel on which the movie is based. The beginning, middle, and end were all alike in almost every way. They even made the movie more graphic on certain parts.Another thing I liked was the well adapted script and the good use in time, putting everything they could in, and making it a good bit more than two hours. That is all okay, because it lets the movie have all of the important material in it that you would have to have to make the film successful (this is why all of the Harry Potter movies sucked).I feel like this was, without a doubt, the greatest superhero movie ever, but not quite the best movie of the year. I still believe they will get plenty of noms, but I hope the genius of the author and designer (Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons) of Watchmen the graphic novel get realized as well, for they deserve much gratitude.