From Director McG comes the next installment to the Terminator franchise, which, no surprise, was somewhat of a waste of time. Sam Worthington, who is a original brand of Schwarzeneggers, had more screen time than Christian Bale, did well in a way, but the story was made to be “just another sequel”. With Danny Elfman doing the music, the movie atleast had a good soundtrack. The worst part of the movie: the PG-13 rating.The first Terminator set in the future, Terminator: Salvation brings us to the story of Marcus Wright (Worthington) and Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin), into the spotlight, while John Connor (Bale) gives a maximum 40 minute screen time to the mix. To stop the machines from making more robots set to kill humans, Connor and Wright must work together to stop all evil from prevailing.This movie’s only good aspect was the music, which was by Danny Elfman. It added good, creepy sequences to the film. Besides that, the acting was bad, the direction was not too good, and the screenplay…well…it wasn’t written by James Cameron.The special effects were okay, but nothing compared to the evolutionary effects of Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day.I thought this movie was not too good, but didn’t suck. If James Cameron had had anything to do with it, then it would have been much better.