Danny Boyle’s best film to date (yes, even better than Slumdog) gave me chills from the great acting of Cillian Murphy (Breakfast on Pluto), Chris Evans (Push) and Michelle Yeoh (Babylon A.D.), and from the fantastic soundtrack of John Murphy (28 Days Later). Boyle captivates, recreates and accelerates sci-fi like no other.In the year 2057, the Sun is starting to go out. The group of space shuttle Icarus II ships off on their mission to the Sun with a bomb with the equivalency of Manhattan island. Facing more than harsh conditions, the group can’t afford to mess up the slightest bit, or the human race wont have a chance for survival…. And all is well until problems in calculation hurl the crew into a cataclysmic happening of ungodly sorts.The direction of Danny Boyle really shows. His massive creativity and amazing ability to twist any story throws away any idea of bad acting and bad screenplay.The acting also supported the story well, giving everyone who watches a good performance, and entertaining from the pure ability to tell a story.This movie made me love sci-fi more than any other, and I thank Danny Boyle and especially Alex Garland (writer, 28 Days Later, The Beach) for this magnificent spectacle in movie making.

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