Sex and the city

Being a fan of the Original hit TV series themselves, this movie was much anticipated by me. Although seeing the television program beforehand could enchance this movie’s effect, it is not necessary for it to be enjoyable.

The film opens with ‘Labels or Love’ by Fergie, continuing years later from where the television show left off. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a published author, and newspaper columnist is still completly in love with her boyfriend John James Preston, or ‘Mr Big’ as she refers to him. Then, with a collection of clips, we are then informed what changes the rest of the crew has gone through.

The movie itself was based upon the theme of getting heart broken and screwed over by men, and the values great friendships can have on someones life. Involves the unoriginal, typical dress-up montages, a lot of laughter, a little bit of boredom from the time period of the film, references to Beethoven, nude scenes. and if you’re a softy- some tears as well.

The characters themselves impact most of the movie.
Carrie- the fashionable and fragile one, always cracking jokes
Miranda- (My personal favorite) Cynical, sarcastic and opinionated
Samantha- Usually referred to as the ‘Sex’ in Sex and the City, but this harsh, self involved, yet loving girl settles down with her man in the movie.
Charlotte- Typical optimistic girly-girl.

Although, I found that some of the characters main qualities from the show weren’t shown  during this movie. For example, Big just seems like an average guy, rather than the unfairly charming, slick, humorous and cheating man he was originally. I was also disappointed with Miranda in this movie, as because it was focusing on how she was when she was hurt, you couldn’t see the ways of her unique personality.

Definitely a movie for the ladies, no question.
Although, the ending with Carrie and Big proved to be a tad bit of a disappointment.
After all they learnt about why it wasn’t such a good idea for them to get married, after being separated and heart broken, he proposes to her in the end, which: unless you’re a fan of the cliche, was unsatisfying. Not that I didn’t want to see them back together, but I thought the reunion could’ve been wrote better, with no proposal. ALthough, I was amused by the fact that he gave her a shoe instead of a ring. it’s very typical Carrie.

The unity of the friends brings a sense of comfort and happiness to the viewers, as even though they are approaching 50, they can still be care-free and young at heart girls.
Although, not quite enriching as the TV show proved to be, still much enjoyed.

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