I have yet to see a recent Asian martial arts film that surpasses this one in shear beauty and magnitude of purpose. Jet Li and the other stars of this film deliver spectacular performances. The cinematography, movement, and color of the film satiate the eye with beauty as we observe this celluloid delight.

To avoid anal verbosity I’ll say that this film has to do with the fight for china; to establish a single omnipotent power, and as a result- the retaliation of the nations residing in China. King Quin has become a devouring force, sucking up what is left of these powers existing autonomous; free from his grasp. In offense of the insidious tide towards one sovereign power a group of elite assassins plans to usurp his power. Those assassins being: Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung), Broken Sword (Tony Leung ChiuWai) and Long Sky (Donnie Yen).

In order to procure the overthrow of King Quin’s supreme power they enlist the services of a nameless assassin (Jet Li), who possesses a special move with which he could, with deft precision overpower the King. Will there plan work…

As I mention at the outset of this article, it is hard to ignore the art that went into the design of this film. You can’t look at this movie as merely another martial arts flick, this movie really possesses an artistic quality that is moving and breathtaking.   


 I really like the actors as well, everybody likes Jet Li(Unleashed) ,but I also cant get enough of the breathtaking Zhang Ziyi who appears in other box office flicks like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha Girl and House of Flying Daggers. Although I love her sublime, and yet tomboyish character in this film, I think I favor her acting in House of Flying Daggers to a further extent.

Be awed and form your own conclusions. Go out and rent this masterpiece. 

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