observe and report

Observe and Report, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 86 min. – Directed by: – Jody Hill Starring: Seth Rogan, Ray Liotta, Anna Faris)

The ever so popular Seth Rogan has a new movie out on DVD named Observe and Report. Now, even when I saw the previews a few months back I said to myself, “I’m going to wait and see that on DVD.” And boy am I glad I did, I think. I mean this movie is what Paul Blart Mall Cop would’ve been if it was incoherent, unentertaining, and a serious disappointment!

Seth plays Ronnie, the unreasonable, “I take my job way too serious”, head of security for the local mall. After a pervert wreaks havoc, flashing the female patrons in the malls parking lot. The real cops are called in to officially handle the investigation, enter Ray Liotta. Ronnie’s offended. But, when the make-up counter girl he has an unrealistic crush on, played by Anna Faris, becomes the latest victim of the flasher he decides to personally take the case on. It becomes his mission for redemption from all those time’s he didn’t get respect as a rent-a-cop.

“Mr. Head of Security” calls on his crack-head team of security guards to assist him throughout his investigation. They consist of two, gun happy, Asian twins, played by Matt and John Yuen, a butt-kissing, drug using Mexican, played by Michael Pena, and some new guy they just got from one of the mall stores, played by Jesse Plemons. The balance of the supporting cast comes in the form of an injured food court worker, played by Collette Wolfe, who slowly develops a predictable crush on Seth’s character.

Seth Rogan is usually a funny, likeable guy, and the movie’s he’s in are usually entertaining. Unfortunately, this movie had none of those qualities and even less! I couldn’t believe any of the characters, including the usually on point Ray Liotta, all the performances where seriously lacking, and the story just wasn’t there!

If I had to pick out the best and funniest moment in the movie I’d have to say it was the thirty seconds in which Seth and one of the kiosk vendors in the mall, who don’t like each other because Seth’s character is rude and racist towards the vendor, try to one up each other with a series of exchanged “F-You’s”.

I Observed and so now I must Report…I can’t recommend this movie to anyone I know or like. I can say if you want to have a “car crash” of movie watching experience with none of the payoff then take a chance on Observe and Report.

(Sorry guys, I am rarely this critical. I even watched it twice to be sure.)