Mansfield Park

I believe that Mansfield park (1999) was just as good or better than the 2007 film Pride & Prejudice; also a film derived from a Jane Austen novel. Having not read the original novel, my perspective of the film is not as strictly based on authenticity, but on strength of performance and fullness of plot (which I thought was lacking in the screen adaption of the Jane Austen book Persuasion).

This film focuses on the protagonist Fanny Price (Frances O’Connor) who at a young aged is shipped off to a prodigious estate where she lives in a state of limbo-between being a servant and a member of the family. Starting on the first day she makes the acquaintance of Edmund Bertram (Philip Sarson/Johnny Lee Miller) and the two become good friends and maybe more…

In between the acquisition of romance there is a large tussle in relationships (people turning out not to be as they seem). There are some shocking things that take place that may surprise you as coming from a book completed in the year 1814, of which I will leave you to find out.

There is also the subject of accepting people for who they are. This we see in the relationship between Edmund Bertman and his fiancée Mary Crawford (Embeth Davitz). Also there’s the topic of women’s rights included in this move just as we see in The Age of Innocence. In all I really deeply enjoyed this film and I really was satisfied from the overall experience conveyed.

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