Stranger Than Fiction

Many people can probably relate to this truly magical movie (although the fairytale aspect of this film may not have come to fruition for them). This film considers the perfunctory monotonous perpetual rhythm of ordinary life and how love and vicissitude can cause a beautiful happening in ones life. Featuring an all-star cast of Will Ferrell (The Anchorman), Maggie Gyllenhaal(The Secretary), Dustan Hoffman(Meet The Fockers), Emma Thompson (The Parent Trap), and Queen Latipha (Bringing Down the House).

As before mentioned the plot is about a man, Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) that has an unchanged order to things that has led his life into a mindless set of automated haze. As an employee for the internal revenue service his life seems to be further divided, multiplied and fractioned off into a mechanized state of submission to order and dogged emptiness. All this order is broken when for an inexplicable reason he starts hearing voices in his head, like a narrator narrating his each step. In a panic Harold seeks help; consulting a shrink who feeds him a lot of unrelated hog wash. Soon he encounters college English professor Jules Hilbert (Dustan Hoffman) who starts him on a hunt for the source and mood of this narration of his life.   

As expected in the line of duty Harold goes to a business to consult the business owner as to the negligence in paying taxes. Ms. Ana Pascal (Maggie Gylenhaal) – the bakery business owner is a whole other segment of the movie that I will summarize as very entertaining and to some extent mildly comedic.

I really love this film because of the parallels I feel in this movie having some mutual similarity to myself. I think that everybody has probably felt the haze of everyday life and wanted an outlet, or stumbled upon one. This is a beautiful story of the wonders of love and exploration that I believe is Will Ferrell’s best performance to date.I also loved the acting of the late Emma Thompson (of which I will not reveal her role for fear of surrendering the whole plot). To be short I think that she really embodies her role perfectly.


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