The Crow (1994)

“People once belived, that when someone dies a crow carries there soul to the the land of the dead, but sometimes something so bad happens, that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul cannot rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.”

Oct 30th, devil’s night. A constantly rainy and bleak Detroit, is the setting of this tragic love story directed by Alex Proyas. The film takes place one year after the brutal murder of the beautiful Shelly Webster(Sofia Shinas) and her rock and roll fiance Eric Draven (Brandon Lee). After the soul-shattered Eric draven comes back to life with the help of the beautiful, majestic jet black crow. Eric stumbles his way through the dark back alleys and fights through the sheets of rain pouring down. He finds his, now battered, trash ridden apartment, where the events of Eric and Shelly’s murder took place. The sad looking crime scene is his only place to go. As he rummages through Shelly’s and his, now old belongings, he begins to pick up there old photos, but as he does sharp vivid memories shoot through him like electricity. As Eric stumbles around the apartment, his hurtful memories piecing together what happened that fateful night. Then he cuts his hand on a piece of glass, he looks down and the wound heals. Eric knows what must be done. He grabs some black stylish clothes, throws on some black and white makeup, so know one recognizes him and sets out to avenge his lost lover, Shelly Webster. Eric is on the hunt for T-bird ( David Patrick Kelly) the leader of four men and arson expert, Tin Tin ( Laurence Mason) the knife wielding maniac, who thinks murder is fun and easy, Funboy ( Michael Massee) the heroin junkie and boyfriend to Darla, Sarah’s mother. and of course Skank ( Angel David) the speed freak of the bunch. This vicious and murder hungry crew are the people who killed Eric and his beloved bride to be. With the crow on his shoulder, a clap of thunder and flash of lightning, The Crow is born.

Sarah ( Rochelle Davis) is a streetwise, skateboarding kid who was friends with Eric and Shelly, they were the ones who really took care of her and she is really the heart of the story. Sarah has a mother named Darla ( Anna Levine) who is the sleazy, junkie type,who wants nothing to do with her daughter.  She is not the kind of mother Sarah wants but that all changes when the crow steps in to make things right. Rochelle Davis does an extremely well job in playing Sarah, even though she is a young actress,with the ‘smart-alec’ like tendencies she gives Sarah a very real personality and very enjoyable to watch.

This film is a heart-felt, action packed revenge story with a bit of a Gothic twist. The film is adapted by a graphic novel by James O’Barr, with the same title and this was sadly Brandon Lee’s last movie. Brandon tragically died while making this beautiful, gloomy film. The film carries a huge cult following and is an instant classic. The story and action scenes are seamlessly interwoven and directed to perfection. This is a film you will never forget. Stormy skies and blazing firers are the backdrop for this story with a golden heart. The director (Alex Proyas) paints a moving picture using black and reds as his primary colors for you’re non wondering eyes and grunge music to fill you’re attentive ears.

I very highly recomend to add this classic film to you’re DVD collection. This is a can’t miss movie that you will love for years to come. when you’re feeling sad and gloomy on a rainy day, pop this movie in, sit back and enjoy. And always remember. It can’t rain all the time. 

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