Georgia Rule

All you hear now in the news is how Lindsay Lohan is going to jail or checked into rehab or some controversy with her.  If you can go pass that, then Georgia Ruleis a movie to check out.  More of a “chick flick” or “date movie,” it still is pretty good.  It stars Lohan, Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman.

It focuses on Rachel (Lohan) staying with her grandmother, Georgia (Fonda) at her Idaho home during the summer before college because she is an outcast and her alcoholic mother (Huffman) and stepfather do not know what to do with her.  So, her mother decides to do what she thinks will help…take her to the one person who she can’t push around, grandma Georgia.  While living there, Rachel learns that she can’t behave the way she did when she lived with her mother and stepfather.  She has to get a job, clean up after herself, no taking the Lord’s name in vain.  Rachel decides to do whatever she decides until she realizes she will be punished and has to learn to have respect for everyone around her, but especially herself. 

As much as it is hard to say, Lohan did a great job in a film that is not one of her genres that she is usually doing.  She makes you think she is this bratty, pathetic, spoiled child but then she turns around and makes you believe that she really is a troubled girl who is hiding something that she can’t tell because she feels nobody will believe her.

The films location was incredible as a small town in Idaho where everybody knows everybody and one person’s problems is everyones’.  You get to know a little about everyone, no matter how small a character they are and it gives great emotion to the major characters as they all fit into one huge family.  When Rachel works for the Veterinarian, you learn his story and why he is the way he is or why the town hunk is so polite and a gentleman.

The film was a complete surprise as I never expected to enjoy a Lindsay Lohan movie or thought it was going to be as entertaining and have such a cast where you feel like they are a real family.  It is definitely worth a rental.

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