City Slickers (1991)

All right all you City Slickers, time to head out west. For a hilarious heart filled comedy directed by Ron Underwood and starring Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, Bruno Kirby and the infamous Jack Palance.

Mitch Robbins (Billy Crystal) is lost in life. This 39 year old radio advertisement salesmen feels stuck. His job quality is slipping, his family life is on the fritz and he has lost his smile. Mitch’s friend Ed (Bruno Kirby) is a sporting goods salesman and an all around thrill seeker, who is always dragging his friends along on his crazy adventures, including a incredibly funny running with the bulls scene. Ed is desperately trying to “cling to his youth.” While Phil (Daniel Stern) is depressed with his mundane life, and is always pretending to sleep when his wife Arleen is around, so he doesn’t have to talk to her. Phil commits adultery with a 20 year old girl he works with and it ultimately blows up in his face during mitch’s birthday party. These men are  desperately in the need of a “do-over” in life and there is only one way to cure that. A two week cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado.

This now classic film has it all, laugh out loud comedy, drama, a stern cattle boss named curly (Jack Palance), two drunk cowboys, an eclectic bunch of people to share this cattle drive with, and of course an adorable calf named Norman. Even though this film is a comedy at heart, the story really pulls you in (even after all these years). This film is suppose to be about three friends that have lost there way and hope that this cattle drive can cure them of there self pity, but really it’s about what you make life out to be, and can you overcome these odds during the hardships that happen during the cattle drive. do they have what it takes to get the job done? it’s a metaphor for life. Can you over come the odds in life the same way you did during this cattle drive.

The directing and cinematography is grade A in my book, and the overall storyline is heart-felt with allot of meaning behind it, all this is wrapped with great humor, action and drama. This makes for a great story. Billy Crystal had me laughing out loud. Daniel Stern is great in this role, some of his dramatic scenes, one of which, is where he basicly saved ed’s and mitch’s life. In these scenes he acted perfectly. and of course Jack Palance portrays a real cowboy with intensity and humor. Perfect casting choice.

So grab you’re cowboy hat, sit next to you’re loved one’s and put the children to bed, and get ready for a laugh out loud comedy that still has me laughing after all these years. This is ultimately a great, feel good comedy about a man who lost his smile and hope he can get it back. By the time this movie is over you’ll be slapping five and saying “WOOF”!

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