District 9 (2009)

For today’s recipe you will need: an area the size of a city, add to that a generous amount of Aliens, a handful of humans, a drizzle of mysterious black liquid, a sprinkle of weapons and some cat food, then sit back for 112 minutes while it all boils over…

Back in 1982 a mysterious alien mothership came to a halt over the city of Johannesburg, three months past with no communications or signs of life, it was then agreed by the government to fly aboard and cut their way inside, on entering they found a million unhealthy malnourished aliens, the government went about ferrying the aliens to the ground to a temporary camp, this eventually turned into a fenced off slum known as District 9.

As time passed Nigerian gang members colluded inside District 9 with the now termed “Prawn” alien residents on a cat food for weapons scam, the local communities became fed up of crime emanating from the slum, which resulted in rioting, public pressure forced the government to take action, the government turned to MNU (Multinational United) to enforce an eviction of the prawns to another location 200km outside Johannesburg, and so the eviction process begins…

District 9 doesn’t look like your usual sci-fi blockbuster movie, although at first glance you may think you’ve seen all this invasion stuff before, you would be wrong, this movie is unique on many levels, to start with events unfold in a combination of normal and documentary style footage, which is done in a well balanced way, switching between both at regular intervals and so keeping your attention and drawing you in.

There is a different kind of lead role with Wikus van de Merwe played by Sharlto Copley, an enthusiastic geeky guy with a strong south African accent, which makes for a very animated character on screen who is great to watch, the aliens (prawns) are very intriguing, their vocals, mannerisms and appearance are great, the CGI on them is flawless, as well as the hovering mothership above which looks like a permanent fixture, I had no problem believing it was actually there.

If you like your sci-fi movies then I am in no doubt you will enjoy this, it has enough action, aggression and humour, and with the door left open for a sequel I’m sure there will be plenty of people eagerly awaiting a District 10.

End Credits:  Director: Neill Blomkamp,  Stars: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, Nathalie Boltt,  Length: 112 mins,  Cert: 15

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  1. Your introductory paragraph is incredible and “snags” the reader. I want to see the movie and will hope I can see it in the theaters soon!

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