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The New Guy: Directors Cut


I discovered The New Guy  while perusing through the media section of the local university library. Little did I know that I would be laughing all night long; for DJ Qualls (The Core) and Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brother) delivered hilarious performances in this truly crudely comedic film. 


This is another coming of age film, but it comes with a twist on the usual. Gillespie Harrison (DJ Qualls) is going into his senior year at a Rocky Creek high school where he has been perpetually  picked on by his peers since the beginning of time.  Starting out the first day of his senior year he musters up the boldness to talk to the most popular girl in school; at the slightest touch on the arm he gets an erection unbeknownst to himself. His erection is mistaken as a hidden weapon by an 80 year old librarian who yanks at this miscellaneous weapon and ergo- his penis is broken.  As a result of this ridiculous catastrophe the school counselor diagnoses him with Tourette Syndrome and puts him on medication. On this medication Gillespie alights in a mall where he interrupts a church choir by getting on stage and beginning his own sermon. As a result he is cast into jail where he is educated in the art of cool by former underdog turned cool Luther (Eddie Griffin).  As a result of his training he knows that the only way to retard this pejorative slump that his life has taken is to change to a different school. The only way he can do this is to get expelled, so in a desperate effort Gillespie does everything possible- and gets expelled. 


The new Gill Harris(instead of the nerdy Gillespie Harrison) with a showy entourage arrives at his new school East Highland High, and as his friend Nora (Zooey Deschanel) says, “  He sort’ a has that Brad Pitt thing going on”.Nothing could be more gust- bustingly hilarious and crude than this movie.It will leave you laughing until you cry. It’s on the verge of being corny but it’s not corny and it’s perfectly funny.


The movie is not near to a four star review rating but has some of the same story as Bandslam: in that it’s about a kid with a band that has been picked on forever, but when he moves to a different school he takes on a new empowering persona that  changes his life. Don’t misconstrue that last sentence, this is not like Bandlsam but, has some parallels, this movie is more like The Revenge of the Nerds; but enough with my trying to give you a feel for this movie, just go rent it it’s soooo funny. 


2 thoughts on “The New Guy: Directors Cut”

  1. I try very hard to not criticize spellings and misused words, but QUIRE for CHOIR? Seriously?

    No mention of Elisha Dushku. How is that possible?

    One of the things you pointed out but didn’t quite say is this is a “formulaic” movie – kind of like a romance novel. There’s a set way to write the movie and this one follows the “rules” quite well. I agree that “The New Guy” is one of the funnier movies in this genre. I loved the references to “Braveheart” and General Patton. Who knew DJ Qualls could actually pull off a “leading man” role?

    Overall I liked your review, just pull out a dictionary from time to time ok?

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