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District 9, a Mr. E Movie Review

District 9

District 9, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 112 min. – Directed by: Neill Blomkamp – Starring: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, Nathalie Boltt)

Ok, I got to say it…District 9 lived up to the hype! Usually all the build up of a movie means you need to get ready for a serious let down, but that’s just not the case here. District 9 really is a cool and entertaining approach to the whole alien experience. I think this Peter Jackson produced and Neill Blompkamp written and directed film should and probably will end up nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

When Aliens arrive on Earth they hover their giant ship over Johannesburg, South Africa. Then, once there, they make no attempt at further contact until international pressure forces a crew sent up to the ship to cut into it. Inside they find a million aliens who are all sick and hungry. The decision to bring them to a special camp where they can be fed and cared for is made.

Fast forward 20 years and everything is no longer as harmonious as everyone thought they would be. The MNU, Multi-National United agency, has been put in charge of moving the “Prawns”, called so because they resemble shrimp, to a new camp that’s further away from the city.

In charge of the evictions is Wikus Van Der Merwe, played by Sharlto Copley, a quirky, by the book, corporate nerd. Who once inside District 9 uncovers several odd revelations that quickly lead him down a crazy path that ends up with him befriending one of the “Prawns” named Christopher Johnson and his alien son. Wikus is forced to join them on a quest to try and solve everyone’s problems.

This movie has a lot! The whole social under-tone about racism and genocide plays well and the special effects are great! Everything comes together leading us directly into a possible District 10 sequel!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out on the big screen if you can. I recommend this movie to anyone looking to see a real good sci-fi picture that’s got a good message mixed in with it. This one is an out of this world winner.


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