House of Fears

Cast: Corri English, Sandra McCoy, Cory Sevier, Eliot Benjamin, Alice Greczyn, and Michael J. Pagan. 

Plot: After going to a party six friends go to a haunted house that will be opening the next day. Included we have step-sisters, Samantha and Hailey (Corri English and Sandra McCoy), Hailey’s boyfriend Carter (Cory Sevier), his best friend and an employee for the haunted house, Zane (Eliot Benjamin), and finally we have one other couple, Candice and Devon (Alice Greczyn and Michael J. Pagan). They enter the house and most of them think its just a big joke. But in the house there is a certain artifact from Africa that is making the house come to life. Now the group of friends have to fight for their lives as they all start to be killed by what they fear most.

Breakdown: Going into this movie I didn’t really know much about it. The story is very interesting and if done right could make for a very good horror movie. That does happen about half the time here but the rest is just flawed or cliched. This movie couldn’t have been made for that much money and it really does show. We get killers that are either completely ridiculous or actually pretty interesting, mostly the former. Also we get a batch of teen characters that you will find in mostly any horror film. While the movie isn’t terrible it definitely could have made better use of its interesting premise.

Performances: The performances here actually start out really bad but then, as the movie goes on the actors start to get a little more into their characters and end up doing a faily okay job. Corri English and Sandra McCoy are both decent as the step-sisters who don’t really get along. Cory Sevier is also fairly decent as well as the guy who is kind of the leader of the group. Eliot Bejamin offers up the comic relief but doesn’t do a very good job of it. Alice Greczyn doesn’t get much to do other than be one of the “hot” girls. Lastly, the only person you may recognize, Michael J. Pagan (Gridiron Gang, See No Evil) probably gives the best performances here. He is the “token black guy” but he comes out of that stereotype to be a better than average character.

Overall: In the end House of Fears could have been better given its premise. Its not all bad but it is very flawed and has one too many cliches.

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