300 (2007)

Never retreat, never surrender is the moral of this exceptionally beautiful movie. The film is an exaggerated telling and perfectly narrated tale of one of the most famous last stands in history, the battle of Thermopylae. King Leonidas (Gerald Butler) marches his finest 300 soldiers against God/King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) and his enormous Persian army. The Spartans march to the narrow passage called the hot gates where they will make there last stand. The film takes place over a three day period, during  the three days we get to see the most epic and blood filled battles.  The beginning of this tale depicts how the Spartans were raised, Spartans were bathed in battle from the time they could stand, boys where tossed into the wild at seven years old and told “return a spartan or not at all”.  this film is directed by Zack Snyder and based on the very popular graphic novel by Frank miller.

The cinematography in this film is spectacular. It almost has an aged look to it. This epic tale mixed live action with impressive CGI effects. This is done so seamlessly you cant tell what is real and what’s not. The robust reds in the Spartans cloaks stand out against the hazy golden skies and mountains, it really is a great contrast, which gives it an ancient and timless feelling to it.

Gerald Butler portrays King Leonidas perfectly, his intense voice could make the gods cringe, but when he talks to his wife and Queen (Lena Headey) he talks with a gentle calmness which is soothing to the ears and gives the character a gentle touch, so you see he’s not just a screaming, blood thirsty King. Butler plays the King Leonidas like he actually was the king in another life, very believable.

The action in this war tale is incredible, the fight choreography is portrayed greatly, as each battle intensifies and the odds are stacked against them. Each fight is a white knuckle, Adrenalin filled ride you never want to get off. The use of “bullet time” is interwoven seemlessly through the various fight sceans and actually makes watching the battles more enjoyable to the viewer. Slow motion battles matched perfectly with intense or soft music over stimulates the senses in a good way and makes you watch intensely at the blood soaked action.

Join the ranks of the Spartan army and watch this blood heavy battle to the death. I highly recommend this film to any action junkie like myself, this 116 minute Greek and Persian battle will leave you wide eyed and blood hungry, and witness if the great Spartans can even make a god/king bleed.

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