9 was a special kind of film. A great film that could have been better but a great film nevertheless. I would like to get this straight before I continue because a lot of people have been making this mistake, just like they did with Coraline… Tim Burton had nothing to do with this film! Yes, unlike Coraline, Tim Burton had a small role. He produced the film and that’s it. He had nothing to do with the design because the animation style was already done in 2005 in the short film 9 was based on before anyone know what 9 was.Now that that’s out of the way, I can actually review 9. The first thing to talk about is the story. The plot and the overall atmosphere was amazingly well done, however, the actually script itself was not done too well. This film moved way to fast, I mean, WAY too fast. Not the Dark Knight kind of fast when it feels like it’s going by fast but it’s actually long, no, this film was only 79 minutes. That’s it, 79 minutes. 9 had a lack of character development; characters only know each other for five minutes but act as if they are life-long friends who would die for each other. 9 should have put in more time and let the characters get to know each better, have a few ‘moments’ together or something. There are a few I guess but I’d say there is really only one or two. I would understand if this film was pushing 2 hours, then I could see why they cut down on story but it was only 19 minutes over an hour. Ultraviolet was longer then that! I am bashing on the pacing a lot but the overall story was really good. I loved the tale and each character did indeed have a unique personality to distinguish from one another, except for the twins but I count them as a single character. There are some clichés that annoy me but you can easily overlook them.Outside the writing, the animation was breathtaking. I mean, really great looking. Some will complain that this film, like every other post-apocalypse film, has a strict grey and/or brown pallet of color. I don’t mind that, in video games I do but in 9, it was okay. The animation was great and very good looking and even had a few scenes that took my breath away. I would love to tell some but it would give away some spoilers. I am really happy about this film, along with Coraline, because they bring an animated touch to realistic-looking film world. I would love more films to look like these, not all, but some more.The voice acting as well was, of course, great. I mean, you got freaking Elijah Wood! I love Elijah ever since I saw Eternal Sunshine and the Lord of the Rings. You also got Jennifer Connelly , you know, from Requiem of a Dream! Fred Tatasciore from many video games! Crispin Glover from Beowulf! John C. Reilly, okay, do I really need to name anything for this guy? Martin Landau from Sleepy Hollow! Christopher Plummer from Up! My god this was a star studded cast! This film had so many great voices I couldn’t believe it! They all did just so well. I really can’t say enough for these guys and gal.So, besides some serious development problems, this film was still great. I can’t give it a 9 or an 8 because I focus on the writing of films a lot because I’m a writer myself. An artist would focus more on the design of the film and forgive the writing mush easier then I would. So, 7/10, it seems a bit low for a great film but the length and development issues hurt the film. However, you still should go see this film. It’s amazing and great and is one film for the theaters.

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