Director: Shane Acker 

Cast: Elijah Wood, Martin Landeau, Christopher Plummer, John C. Reily, Jennifer Connolly, and Crispin Glover. 

Plot: Taking place after all of mankind has been erased from existence, a lonely burlap puppet simply named 9 (Elijah Wood) meets another one of his kind. His name is 2 (Martin Landau) and he is a kind and gentle creature. They are both attacked by a monsterous machine and 2 is kidnapped. Another puppet, 5 (John C. Reily), finds 9 and brings him to the hideout of the rest of the group. There, 9 meets 1, 6, and 8. 9 learns that these machines killed all of the humans and the only things left are these 9 creatures. They must save 2, but the leader of the group, 1 (Christopher Plummer), is against it. They set out to find him anyway only to be attacked once again. On their journey they find 3, 4, and 7. The rest of the movie finds the group struggling for their lives and finding secrets as to why they were made by their mysterious inventor.

Breakdown: The story in 9 is a little hard to follow considering it is an animated movie. Even though the story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, the movie itself really is enjoyable. The animation in this movie is flawless and looks so good, right down to the last detail. While the movie is a brief 80-minute movie it still gives enough time to give each individual character their own personalities. The animation, voice acting, and the intensity of the action scenes are what make this movie succeed. This is definitely not a movie for the kids even though it might look like it just because its animated.

Performances: Like I stated before, the vocie acting here is very good. Elijah Wood is great as our hero, 9. Although his character sounds exactly like his character from Happy Feet, it still works given how that character is written. Martin Landau and Christopher Plummer are both great as their characters. These veteran actors bring a lot to their characters. John C. Reily, who I thought did the best job, really plays his character passionately and gives us a character that is impossible not to love. Lastly, Jennifer Connolly and Crispin Glover both do decent work as well. Glover doesn’t get many lines but still makes it work. Connolly, I’ve never liked but here she definitely brings a certain charisma to her character and she was a good choice.

Overall: In the end, 9 is somewhat short on the plot for a short running time movie, but has enough intensity and great animation to make it all the more better.