Dead End (2003)

Dead End is written and directed by Jean-Baptise Andrea and stars Ray Wise as Frank Harrington, Lin Shaye as Laura Harrington, Mick Cain as Richard, the son. and Alexandra Holden as the daughter Marion, her boyfriend Brad is played by Billy Asher and of course Amber Smith as the woman in white. Dead End is the winner of the best international feature film.

This is not you’re average run of the mill horror movie, It’s more  psychological in nature than a typical slasher movie, but this movie still has some graphic parts that will make you cringe.  The freaked out family is all the movie really needs to set the mood for the whole film.

The film takes place on a seemingly endless stretch of road surrounded by a deep and thick forest, they got there after the father(Ray Wise) took a short cut off the interstate, not a good idea. The harrington’s are on there way to spend the Christmas holiday with there in-laws, but after luckaly dodging a nearly fatal car crash there luck runs out. As they press on the strangely deserted road, strange occurrences and grizzly deaths take place as this disfuncional family gets picked off one by one.

This is pretty much you’re typical family, the mother and father going back and fourth arguing all the time. You can tell there marriage is being held together by a thin string and these gruesome deaths don’t help any. the son is you’re average pot smoking, sarcastic pain in the butt teenager, the daughter a psychologist is pretty much the smartest of the bunch and her boyfriend a jock type of guy, no surprises. but as the movie progresses you get to see how REALLY disturbed the family is and it makes a great story to watch on screen. as the movie goes on, the mother gets more and more intense as her mind starts to unravel, it’s very creepy. The way the actors go back and forth and play off one another is great.You couldn’t ask for anything more from the actors.

this movie is not for all movie lovers, some people who watched the movie with me did not like it they said “it was o.k”,But for me it is now on of my favorite movies to watch in the dark with the volume turned up. 

as the movie continues the father spots a sign to a town call “Marcott”, could this be there salvation?, or the end of the road for the Harrington family, see what happen when a small road trip to the in-laws turns out to be the long road to hell.

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