The Hunted is a fast paced , pound for pound action-thriller starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Torro. directed by William Friedkin.

 The film starts out in 1999, in Dakovica  Kosovo. Aaron Hallam (Del Torro) is part of a covert special ops team trying to take out Nazi wannabes, who are trying to exterminate all Albanians. Aaron moves through the shadows and dead bodies as he heads for his target. along the way seeing men,woman and children shot harshly and dumped into ready made graves. These images will haunt him through out the rest of the movie. After brutally completing his mission he is awarded the highest achievement for his actions , the silver star. He becomes intensely disturbed from witnessing the atrocities at Kosovo. Aaron becomes an unstoppable killing machine, but there is only one man who can stop him, only one man who thinks like him and that man is his former teacher and trainer L.T Bonham (Tommy Lee Jones).

L.T lives a peaceful life in the Pacific Northwest as an expert tracker and wildlife fund employee. L.T is called into action after Aaron brutally stalks and kills ‘supposed’ hunters, but he doesn’t just kill them, he plays with them, makes a game of it. After leaving his mark on a nearby tree where the harshly slain men were found. L.T see’s the mark Aaron has left, his face drops. He knows who did this, he doesn’t want to, but he does. and from there. the hunt is on.

The action in this film is incredible,and the fight choreography is seamless as Aron and L.T fight to the death. The knife fights will keep you’re eyes glued to the screen as the heart pounding action leaves you wanting more, But be warned this movie is not for the squeamish as each fight between the two main characters escalates with every blood filled fight scene.

In my opinion Del Toro steals the show with his portrayal of this battle hardened emotional wreck. The way he’s haunted by his past and the disturbed look in his eyes lets you know this man is not to be messed with. While Tommy Lee Jones performance falls a little short in my opinion, he talks to fast and is hard to understand in some scenes, But don’t let that stop you from watching because his portrayal of Aaron’s trainer, is the Tommy Lee Jones we all love to watch. Not to mention when the two actors share the screen it becomes clear why Jones was chosen for this role. One of my favorite lines from the movie is during a training scene where L.T says to his class ” once you are able to kill mentally, the physical part will be easy. the difficult part is learning how to turn it off.”

This blood filled action movie doesn’t stop for a second, unless you hit the rewind button to watch the smooth fighting scenes again . I recommend this movie for any action fan and Del Toro fans.But definitely not for children. This 94 minute intense thrill ride will keep you watching again and again.