Director: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor 

Cast: Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Terry Crews, and Ludacris. 

Plot: In the somewhat near future a new video game called Slayers is the big new thing that has everyone talking and watching. With this game players actually control real humans through intense battles. If a player can make it through 30 battles without being killed then they’re Slayer will be released and gets a free life. Kable (Gerard Butler) has won 27 times and is three away from being a free man. However, Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall), the games creator, has other plans for anyone who wins. He brings in Hackman (Terry Crews) to hopefully take care of Kable so he doesn’t get to 30 wins. Meanwhile, a group called Humanz run by the Humanz Brother (Ludacris) is trying to get everyone to stop playing Slayers and that Ken Castle is a bad man. That’s pretty much the gist of this overdone movie.

Breakdown: This movie may look like it has a lot to offer, but it really doesn’t. The direction here is very flawed. This coming from the directors of the Crank movies. Also the editing in this movie is atrocious. Whenever theres a lot of action going on you can’t tell, for the most part, what’s even happening. The story too is pretty flawed as well. It doesn’t go into too much detail about anything in the movie nor any character for that matter. Basically, this movie has one too many flaws.

Performances: Gerard Butler is halfway decent here. While not anything to brag about he does an ok job. Ludacris, given his small amount of screen time, also does a decent job with what he’s given. Terry Crews just plays a generic bad guy but its a little hard to take him seriously as a bad guy since most of his work involves him being comedic. Lastly, Michael C. Hall gives what is possibly one of the worst performances of the year. I’ve seen him on Dexter and there he does a good job but here it was like he didn’t even try and just tried to have one of the most out there performances of all time. While his performance is out there it fails to make any impact whatsoever and is the worst part of the movie.

Overall: Gamer is nothing more than another generic action movie. It tries to be smarter than it really is but fails to even be the least bit smart. Too many uneeded scenes and lackluster performances keep this movie below average.

2 thoughts on “Gamer”

  1. Read your review and think you did a good job.

    I think when I reviewed it I just liked it for the message about society and the playing on the whole end of times story where everyone would have to receive the 666 or in Gamers case the “gene” to suvive in Castle’s new world. I just thought it needed a little more time, but it was still entertaining to me.

  2. Thanks I appreciate it.

    Yeah I know what your saying but this film just didn’t entertain me really at all. I didn’t expect much to begin with but I left with less that I thought I was going to get.

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