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Jurassic Park (1993)

Back in the prehistoric internetless age of 1993 Steven Spielberg made Jurassic park, and the people of that time watched with wonder, asking how can it be that dinosaurs are alive on the screen, that question is now easy for us in the future to answer, behold the God known as CGI.

Jurassic park is set on a remote island near Costa Rica owned by a wealthy old eccentric named John Hammond played by Richard Attenborough who plans to open his mysterious park to the public, unfortunately after an accident involving a worker his investors insist he brings in some experts to endorse it first, enter the cast…

The main characters include Dr Alan Grant played by Sam Neill, an old fashioned palaeontologist who has a small case of techno fear, his partner Dr Ellie Sattler played by Laura Dern, a Palo botanist, and Dr Ian Malcolm, a chaotician played by Jeff Goldblum, who is convinced there will always be chaos no matter how much you try to avoid it.

On their arrival Hammond immediately introduces them to some rather large veggiesauruses, to which their amazement and questions begin, after a short tour around the visitors centre, some scientific explanations and a heated discussion about the ethics of recreating dinosaurs, all are led outside for the main tour, where they are joined by Hammond’s grand children Tim and Lex played by Joseph Mazzello and Ariana Richards.

The team are split up into two cars, with Grant, Ian and Ellie in one and Tim, Lex and Hammond’s lawyer Donald Gennaro, in the other, the tour begins, and expectations are high, but the dinosaurs are a no show, much to the amusement of Ian who takes the opportunity to explain his chaos theory, but this is just the calm before the storm and all is about to change…

Now if by some incredible miracle you haven’t seen Jurassic park I don’t want to ruin your experience so I will just say get prepared for a lot of running, screaming and roaring.

This movie has some great lines, great action sequences and some of the best CGI I have ever seen, It holds up to anything made today and in a lot of cases surpasses them, the T-rex especially.

My only criticism is that it’s now 16 years on and we still haven’t got a real Jurassic park, come on you scientists !!!

3 thoughts on “Jurassic Park (1993)”

  1. Man I forgot about Jurassic Park!I probably watched this movie like 20 times! Good review, and yeah where’s the real park at all you DNA pro’s? (Wait do we really want that? don’t they end up running and screaming? lol)

  2. I’ve also watched Jurassic park a number of times over the years, and still enjoy seeing it, I only wish I could feel the same about the sequels.

  3. Yeah, this movie was way better than the last two films.Now part 2 was actually great with all the action going on,but the 3rd one failed.The first movie here, is amazing,because it seems that we are all being educated on how to make a living creature that has been extinct for millions of years. Using Dna from a frog in order for a dinosaur to change it’s sex from female to male was a great idea to prove that they could mate and hatch eggs. because it is true that there really are african bullfrogs that can change sex. it’s actually a defensive mechanism.

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