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17 Again, a Mr. E Movie Review


17 Again

(Run time: 102 min. – Directed by: Bur Steers – Starring: Zac Efron, Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon)

I picked up “17 Again” on DVD starring Zac Efron from the “High School Musicals“, Matthew Perry from “Friends“, and the short-shorts wearing cop from “Reno 911” Thomas Lennon. As a high school husband and father myself the premise of the story talked to me and the actual movie itself was just as good.

As you might’ve guessed the movies about a guy named Mike whose frustrated wife gives up on him, kids are completely disinterested in him, and whose rich, nerdy, best friend has never really grown up. Then, to put the cherry on the proverbial crap sundae he’s passed over for a promotion for someone who simply looks better than him.
Enter, stage left, a mysterious janitor and bam let the life lessons begin.

Mike reminisced about his one, big “high school” shot he passed on to become a teenage husband and father and gets a second chance to become, you guessed it, 17 years old all over again.

Funny, entertaining, and well paced. I definitely recommend this one for everyone from 8 to 80 looking for a feel good, second-chance, everyone wins experience!

This movie is a perfectly, fun time for the whole family!

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