I Love You Man

I Love You Man

(Run time: 105 min. – Directed by: John Hamburg – Starring: Paul Rudd, Jason Segel)

I Love You Man stars Paul Rudd from such movies as Role Models and Knocked Up and Jason Segel from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This comedy basically resembles all of the other movies these guys have done lately. The same smart ass, quick witted humor we like and the reason we watch. This movie doesn’t let us down and actually plays out pretty cool.

Set in the wild an wacky world of Los Angeles where I guess people are at their strangest. I Love You Man is about a guy whose doesn’t have any guy friends and never really has. Then, when he decides to get married, overhears his fiancé’s friends talking about how weird he is for not having any guy friends and decides to do something about it. His solution, go on some “man-date’s”.

I thought Rudd’s awkward, rambling, outdated comments where a little hard to stomach at first. Until I realized he was doing it to show how out-of-the guy loop he really was. I especially like a scene in which he tries to blend in with his fiancé’s best friends husband, played by John Favaro, and ends up in a drinking game that ends with projectile vomiting.

Jason Segel on the other hand went overboard with his over acting at times but still ends up funny. His non-conforming attitude and tell it how it is ways really play well to balance this movie out.

An original story concept that toys with the vulnerable side of men and their friends. I recommend this movie to the over 30 but under 50 at heart crowd because its a funny film that may be a little dated for the immature younger crowd who might not appreciate all the jokes references as much.