Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy,Sci-Fi Meet Dave, a Mr. E Movie Review

Meet Dave, a Mr. E Movie Review

Meet Dave

Meet Dave

(Run time: 90 min. – Directed by: Brian Robbins – Starring: Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, and Gabrielle Union)

Well, it’s Eddie Murphy’s latest comedy “Meet Dave” and for the first time in a long time I can finally say I was able to sit through one of his movies. (Sorry, Eddie it‘s true.) I think Elizabeth Banks and Gabrielle Union are just the co-stars Eddie needed. In the movie Banks plays a cool mom while Union plays a hot alien and Eddie, well, Eddie’s an alien and a spaceship.

Dave is actually a spaceship full of aliens from another planet. Who came to Earth to find there missing orb. Their mission to find the orb and use it to steal the Earths water to resurrect their dying planet. The aliens are all business until after spending enough time in our society the crew starts to take a liking to us and our cultures. This begins to divide the alien crew and causes nothing but problems. That and their running out of time and power.

After I took a few minutes and got use to Eddie’s acting style I started to get over his stiffness and started enjoying the movie. Although, I think the initial stiffness was planned to show the crew getting use to working their ship and to show their alien attitudes towards life.

This movie was funny and imaginative. I would recommend this movie to anybody looking for a cool family film that will entertain everyone without offending anyone.

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