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My Sister’s Keeper


All I can do is express the sentiments of my fellow movie goers as they said, “That was so sad”. And it was a truly heartrending story; with very convincing performances by Cameron Diaz- as the mother that would never give up on her dying daughter, as well as the Cancer victim played by Sofia Vassilieva- who truly portrayed the reality of the feelings evoked from an adolescent cancer case, without raining back the reality of the seriousness of the situation. 

Briefly Summarized this movie revolves around a family that is strained as a result of the health condition of the oldest girl Kate (Sofia Vassilieva) who at an early age contracted Leukemia. The doctor suggested that the only way to keep her alive was to receive bone marrow and other substances from a matching donor. None of the family was a match, and there were dangers of siphoning bone marrow from strangers. After deliberation the doctor said that the solution may be to have a virto fertilization- to have a baby genetically matching the needs of Kate…


Therefore the birth of Anna (Abigail Breslin) who from the age of five donned various parts of her body to her sister (now it seems a little like The Island when I think back on it from plot perspective.

As years pass Kate gets worse and worse and none of these pejorative developments are restrained in the filming-which although not possessing a graphic tone in the picture quality carried this in content(as we see a lot of regurgitation of blood and fluids during this film).


Everything would seem to climax in negative bashing when Anna takes it upon herself to procure a lawyer to gain rights to the use of her own body- (seemingly) not wishing to be a store for body parts anymore.


The culmination of the plot was a little less fulfilling for me. As the movie progressed we had an intense conflict of interest as regards the mother Sarah Fitzgerald(Diaz); having Anna specifically to furnish a donor for Kate (this also touches on the subject of parental ethics, if that is a subject) and the sudden refusal of Anna to give of her body-this was intensely dramatic and drawing. However the blurping out of the plot near to the end of the movie seems to be a little juvenile in plot unity and flow and I thought that the movie could have had a stronger base in family conflict rather than how it ended.




If you are ready to cry go ahead see it. If you want to see life less the potpourri that envelopes most films see it, if you want to be rejuvenated see Up.




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