Director: Brett Leonard

this movie is really sick and twisted , at first i thought this would be just another predictable low rate movie but i found it to be really interesting . Alex O’Loughlin(michael), Patrick Thompson(phill) are very good actors if i do say so myself.


Like the 1st 5 mins into the movie its already action i dont recommend this movie to kids under the age of 17 like seriously this is not a movie you would want your kids to watch.

¬†The character Phill is a cybercrime investigator so when him and his partner are searching the web you see some pretty sick thingg. He comes across this site where big women are the topic of men’s fanatsies . Juat the whole fact that these women are sooo big seems to interest i guess . So he sees this site where women are being forced fed , its really nasty and sad to see because this stuff actually happens .


Im not goin to write too much but i would recommend this movie  the ending is really shocking i think it is a must see film