Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy World’s Greatest Dad

World’s Greatest Dad

Director: Bobcat Goldthwait 

Cast: Robin Williams, Daryl Sabara and Alexie Gilmore. 

Plot: The movie is about a man named Lance Clayton (Robin Williams), he is a teacher at his son’s school and is also a failed writer. He’s written many novels, papers, articles, etc. but nobody will ever publish anything of his. His hope is to become a rich and successful writer but so far he is nowhere close to achieving that. Lance has a son named Kyle, and Kyle just so happens to be the world’s worst kid. This is a kid who does not like music or movies and only likes to talk about sex and stare at woman. Despite Kyle being a terrible child Lance does what he can with him and tries to spend time with him and keep him happy. About midway through the movie an event happens that changes the lives of both our characters, for Lance is changes his not only for the better but for the worse too. He takes advantage of his new situation and uses it to try and become rich and famous and get things he wants, but ultimately learns that he needs to do things for himself.

Breakdown:While the movie is a comedy its a very dark comedy and really has some things that people will not expect. Bobcat Goldthwait really lets us explore Lance and his lifestyle and how he copes with his son being an a-hole. The movie has a lot of dry-humor rather than Williams’ usual slapstick and sillyness that he has in most of his other movies. There are a lot of dramatic elements here too and Goldthwait shows of many emotions coming from Lance that we don’t usually see with other character driven movies.

Performances:There are only two performances here that really need mention. First is Daryl Sabara as Kyle. Sabara, known most for his work in the Spy Kidsmovies, really takes on this role and makes the character one of the least likable characters to have ever been in a movie. He really makes us believe that there can be a kid like this and just does a fine job. Robin Williams gives one of his best performances here in World’s Greatest Dad. He’s very toned down here and he doesn’t play his usual self. Its basically Robin Williams not playing Robin Williams and he does a fine job with this new character.

Overall: In the end this is one of the best dark comedies I’ve ever seen. It has enough laughs and enough emotion to really capture the main character’s life and his overall being. I’d definitely recommend this for any Williams fans or just anyone looking for a good dark comedy.

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