Ok, I’m a big fan of terrible movies.  I could go on rambling about how terrible this “film” is, however a friend of mine told me I should change this note making up thing a little bit and talk about the best parts of the film. Well, I’ll try this with “I Know Who Killed Me”

Lindsay Lohan doubles up in this thriller. She plays the good and bad side of teenage angst. Similar to “mean girls” (one of my favs) she is able to make you believe that she can be soft and gangster during one 90 min stint. The eerie blue backdrops are successful in striking fear into the viewer.  There are a couple of interesting ideas threaded through this film about a girl who is trying to figure out who killed her.  Even putting the plot on paper doesn’t help make sense of it.  It was supposed to be like the Sixth Sense (a movie I predicted 15 minutes in…sometimes the public doesn’t pay attention to details in a “mystery” movie…when a person gets shot in the movies there is a hospital scene, if they live it’s a miracle and everyone is happy, if they die then the people are sad and revenge is next on the menu), with a big surprise ending.  It ends up being more like walking in on your parents in a swinger orgy.

It must have taken topnotch writers (Josh Hammond) to make such a complex story of a girl who is trying to figure out why extremely painful things keep happening to her without reason.  The most surprising revelation in this movie is the fact that Hammond has only one writing credit to his name.  No tv shows, no movies, not even a fluff piece for a local news channel.  This guy must have had complete creative control of this movie and you have to wonder if Tri-Star (a subsidiary of Sony Pictures) even knew this was being made.  Are there internal memos stating, “hey this new Lohan film is going great, it looks like we got the best writer teamed up with a bankable star.  This film cant loose.  Just envision Lohan’s character hunting down the culprit of these strange happenings. Lindsay will be able to demonstrate her supreme sleuth capabilities. Proving once again that the police and professional detectives are the worst people to go to when you have a problem with a hard to solve crime.”

A personal note: I believe that everyone who went to go see a wreck of a movie like this should get a prize and anyone who had a chance to stop this movie from being produced should be put on a reality tv show.

The person I feel sorry for the most is the editor for a movie like this. Spending long hours making such a bad movie knowing that you got into the movie making business to make art.