Directed by Dito Montiel. Starring Channing Tatum, Terrence Howard, Luis Guzman, Zulay Henao, and Brian White.  I have to say that last fight scene is by far the best brawl in the whole movie. It is all out bareknuckle, barechested, no holding back. Another thing that I liked about the fight scenes is that none of them are in arenas they are all in alleys and in hotel suites or on rooftops.

Shawn MacArthur (Tatum) is a tough guy with a warm heart who is down on his luck. He doesnt have a whole lot. He just trying to get by doing everything that he can for some cash. Shawn is the kind of guy who believes in fate I suppose that who can call it fate when he runs into Harvey Boarden (Howard). Harvey is a hustler who is trying to make money anyway that he can and is willing to anything to make the big bucks. When he sees Shawn in a fight he thinks that he can use him to the their advantage. Harvey sets Shawn up with some of the top guys in the buisness who are willing to pay him $5000 if he wins his first fight. Shawn thinks that this could be his break that this could be a way for him to get some money and get back onto his feet. It turns out that Shawn is not exactly the best fighter in his first fight he wins purely on luck. But he still wins. Shawn is struggling for money and wants somehting to come along that is really going to get him out of the whole that he is in. He is practically homeless, does not have anything in his life worth fighting for. Until he meets this waitress Zuly (Henao) who happens to fall for Shawn just as hard as he is falling for her. Little does Shawn know is that Zuly and Harvey have a past together that they have kept a secret. Nobody knows that they know each other and that is the way that they want to keep it. Shawn gets his big time break when he gets the chance to fight his long time school rival Evan Hailey ( White) for $100,000. When Harvey tells Shawn that he is betting against him and that he wants Shawn to throw the fight for him, Shawn refuses. Will Shawn throw the fight for Harvey or will he give it all he’s got!