Directed and written by Greg Mottola. Starring Kirsten Stewart, Ryan Reynolds, Jesse Eisenburg and Bill Hader. I have to say that I do find that Kristin Stewart does seem to do better when she is films that are not as publicized as Twilight. I did not think that she was the greatest in Twilight and after seeing her performance in Adventureland you can see how different her acting is. She is more emotional in this one then in Twilight she seems to be more real.

James Brennan (Eisenburg) is has just graduated and is looking forward to taking a trip to Europe as a graduation trip from his parents before he goes off to New York for graduate school. But his dreams are dashed when he gets the news that his father as been demoted at work and that he cant go on his trip, so he has to get a summer job to save up for school. The only place that James cant get a job is as a carny at the local carnival Adventureland. While at Adventureland James makes some new friends and also meets someone who he happens to be crushing on. Em (Stewart) and James become friends and eventually grow to have feeling for each other. But little does everyone know is that Em holds a secret. Em and Connel (Reynolds) the maintence guy who happens to be a married man are having an affair. As James`s feeling grow deeper for Em she begins to feel guilty about what she is doing to him and decides to break it off. But when James goes out on a date with someone else he finds out why Em has become so distant and soon after that everyone finds out about the secret that Connel and Em have been hiding. As the summer comes to a close James looses everything that he thought he had gained over the summer the money that he has been saving for school he has lost becuase he crashed the car, he lost the girl that he thought he loved. James decides to go to New York and chase after Em and apologize and hopefully win her back.