this movie takes place in the “23rd Century” and belive it or not the human race fell apart big suprise hey. th worldis split into four corporations that battle for resources. so basically an ancient seal that buried a anceint machine broke from the war on ever contenint this then relishes a mutat armyht the machine has built from dying human beings. Now that the world is dying becasue of these mutants the four corporations choose to leave earth so that they dont die off and keep all the mutants at earth. but there is a sort of brother hood that wants to destroy the machine so that the human race can stay on earth and not lose millions of people trying to leave the planet. so the brother hood sends out one of there members to find 20 soilders to hellp destroy the machine. as they are looking for a way to the machine many of these soilders die trying to help the human race. the mutants keep getting greater in population becasue of all the people they are killing and dragging back.

 In general this movie looks pretty good sort of a sin city meets a post apocolyptic world but with colour. Thomas Jane (punisher) is the main character and he plays a pretty good role in this film. Ron perlman( Hellboy and Hellboy 2) plays the brother from the “brotherhood” that assembles this team John Malkovich Plays a little part in this movie that supplies the ship for the team but cant hold all 20 mean the the brotherhood wants to take. there is alot of good actors in this movie that have done better movies. This movie was good in the action gore scences but had a bad story behind it. for the 111 minutes the movie is i would recomended it if you like action and gore but other wise dont becasue there is no real need to see this movie.