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Angels and Demons is one of the best movies this year. It succeeds in toasting other summer flicks (we even see some toasting in this film, so to speak). That toasting joke is in bad taste as you will see in this pulse-pounding jolt through Rome on the heels of Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks).


The plot in intricate and well orchestrated, we alight in a lab where a very auspicious thing is taking place- the testing of antimatter (thought to be the force involved in the creation of the universe). After the test if found successful, scientist Ayelet Zurer (Vittoria Vetra) goes down into the interior laboratory where the actual experiment achieved fruition. To enter the room, the eye has to go through a retinal scan, as she places her chin on the palette to lean in to the scanner, she meets with blood and recoils as she has just dipped her chin into it. Upon alighting in the testing area she is aghast at the image that she encounters…


Meanwhile Dr. Langford at Harvard finishes his last laps around the pool, to be approached by a Vatican police who requests his urgent arrival in the Holy City, due to some disturbing threats. The threats are from an old enemy of the church, the Illuminati (a collective who have been persecuted by the church for their scientific beliefs).  


The predicament that these to characters arrive in leads them both to the Vatican and on a pulse pounding and shocking maze of a plot that mystifies and wonders.


I liked this movie most on account of the wonderful acting done by Ewan McGregor. I really saw a shadow of the priest that Montgomery Clift portrayed in the suspenseful Hitchcock classic Confession. I really liked the way he portrayed the seeming righteous character on up until the end. His acting seemed to match the title Angels & Demons or you could say “wolf’s in sheep’s covering.” No matter how you put it Ewan really nailed the role.


Aside from the acting I really liked the filming, it seemed to have a hint of noir and a very modern take on it at that.


I would say go see it now.



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