This explosive sequel to the 2007 summer block buster brings many new elements to the table for the already successful movie series. Some elements are positive such as the introduction of more transformers and new, top-of-the-line GM vehicles for all of the public to look at and drool. But many of the elements introduced in this action-packed sequel drag the film down. But first let’s take a look at the positives, shall we?

One great thing about this sequel is the new and mildly entertaining transformers that are introduced to the autobots, not to mention the gigantic new decepticons that appear in the film, giving the audience some adrenaline rush. Fast paced action, which is the understood-u to Michael Bay films, keeps the attention of the audience. So much action that one might not really remember the plot, which may or may not be a good thing. Another positive is the presence of the stunning Megan Fox, who distracts the majority of males in the audience with her visually appealing figure and slow motion scenes.

Now the negatives. In standing up for the the 20 year old college kid who remembers the show, there was no Fallen character that megtron served, but alas, this is a movie based off the show, no judgment to those who don’t claim perfection. The thing that made Transformers fun in the first place was the fact that they were large, talking robots who could transform into vehicles, but in Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen, we see that the protagonist, Sam, has been seduced by a girl. What’s the catch? She’s a Decepticon. If they could do that the whole time, why did they not just scan the President and push the red button? The humor of this film was absolutely revolting and vile. While I have no problem with films such as Superbad and 40-yr Old Virgin, the inclusion of such humor in a kids movie is just ridiculous. An 11 year old who might be a fan of the toys  probably didn’t get half of the jokes in the movie. The sexual humor was brought to a horrible all time low. The whole movie was built around the return of this Fallen character who was supposed to be the embodiment of Nuclear warfare itself, and when the time came for him to show off and kick some autobot muffler, his face was ripped off within 10 seconds of the fight. Megatron was made to look like a wimp who runs from fights, which we should know from the first film, is not true, he starts fights. There are as many plot-holes as there are fight scenes in the movie and the movie had so many fight scenes that I was struggling to remember what the fights were about. My last criticism on this film is the fact that Sam dies, goes to robot heaven, then gets sent back. I smell a cliche that strays from ordinary. The concept of a robot heaven in a supposedly scientific universe is far from ordinary but the concept in which it is portrayed is all too common.

In synopsis, the film contained good elements but so many plot-holes, perverted jokes, and ambiguous concepts were present that the good elements were drowned out in the sea of scrap metal and I’ve come to the conclusion that Michael Bay’s directing style can be compared to a 7 year old boy playing with hot wheels and smashing them together providing his own sound effects.