Table for Three

Ever feel like a third wheel this guy does. Brandon Routh, Sophia Bush, Jesse Bradford, Jennifer Mourson star in this comedy about a guy who moves to fast with women and is determined not to do it again and when he meets Ryan and Mary he thinks that he is saved or is he.

Scott is the kind is guy who falls in love very easily and after being dumped from the girl who he thinks is the one form him he goes into depression after his roommate gets his dream job. He’s down on his luck, working from home with no friends in LA. So he decides to get a new roommate and move on with his life and when he meets Ryan and Mary who both are interested in the spare room in the apartment he decides to take a chance little does he know that they are not what they seem. They are the kind of couple who cling to each other they are like leeches they need to do everything together they always match, never fight, go to work together.

So when Scott meets Leslie a girl he might just think he has a shot at Mary and — get involved and do everything that they can to make sure that he doesn’t get to involved in fact they do everything that they can do to destroy there  relationship. Scott cant take it anymore so he asks Ryan and Mary to leave and never speak to him again but that doesn’t go over very because its to late for him hes already lost the girl and the only ones who know where she is is Ryan and Mary so they take a little road trip. Little does Ryan and Mary know is that Scott is planning to take them out for a night on the town separately and ask them why they are always together. Whats going to happen at the end of their road trip?

I thought Sophia Bush was hilarious in this film if you like her comedic perfermances  I would recommend seeing this.

Written and Directed by Michael Samonek

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